Activity / Club Information

Every student who participates in a school club
must fill out the NRSD Extracurricular Form and a
club-specific permission slip prior to enrolling. 

artist paintingArt Club
                         Ms. Van Buskirk          Mondays         2:30-3:30         Art room
Starting September 25th.                                                                               

In Art Club, students will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities such as journal making, paper making, paper marbling, and origami. Students will also have the option to work with materials and media introduced in art class and use these to develop personal projects and learn new techniques. Student input will always be welcome.    

You must fill out the    Art Club Permission Slip          

acActs of Kindness      Mrs. Marino            Mondays         2:20-3:20         Room 203
Starts in January
bbBaseball           TBD                             TBD                 TBD    

Basketball Net And Ball.pngBasketball                      Mr. Turpin (Girls)      Mon-Thurs      Varies              Gym                

Girls' Basketball tryouts will take place on Monday, November 27, and Wednesday, November 29, right after school.
Boys' Basketball tryouts will take place on Tuesday, November 28 and Thursday, November 30, right after school.

1/27-2/16                                                                                 2:30 or 4:00; 3:45 or 5:00 (games)       
                                                                                                             occasional Fri. Games


TBD (Boys)                   Mon-Thurs         **MAY practice Fridays        

Sign Ups for the Hale Basketball Team

 Musical Notes.pngChorus                                 Mrs. Morrill                Mondays         2:30-3:30         Band Room 236


Want to learn a song in a foreign language? Chorus Club is for you!  This ensemble will perform for both the winter and spring concerts at Hale. No audition required.


lego Coding/Robotics Club  FTC         Mrs. Harvey                            Mondays (probably)              2:15-3pm               Computer Lab 215         
Until we have 15 participants, we will stick with learning to code.  We'll use the MIT App Creator,, Khan Academy and a few other coding sites to get the basics of coding with both javascript and blocky.  Though we won't be competing this year, we will lay down a solid base of coding knowledge for next year's competition team.  Because we won't be competing, this year, all students from 6th to 8th grade may participate.  (Next year, FTC{
First Tech Challenge Team} will again be open only to 7 and 8th graders)

Club Permission Slip   Doodle Poll for choosing meeting day

Sign Up Sheet


cwCreative Writing Club   Mrs. LaPointe
Meeting (times vary) Schedule
 "Plot Twist"  
Many students enjoy expressing themselves through original writing. Whether that writing takes the shape of poetry, scripts, or short stories, students’ creativity in encouraged in this club, and students can also collaborate on writing pieces!
Jogging Exercise.png
 Cross Country                     Mr. Langelo                Tues-Fri.          2:15-3:45         Gym   
Theatre Masks.png  Drama                                Mrs. LaPointe /Mrs. Bollus             Tu/Th               2:15-Varies      Auditorium

Rehearsals: Varies
Tech Week: 
Drama Website                                


Gay Straight Alliance       Ms. Boisvert                Fridays        2:30-                Room 306  
                                                              Mr. Turpin
Gay-Straight Alliance is a student club that works to ·Promote a more inclusive and accepting learning environment for all students.· Reduce harassment or teasing, especially related to a person's real or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity.· A safe place to discuss concerns such as: how to support a friend who is realizing he/she is gay, how to respond to direct harassment or joking remarks about sexual orientation, and where to get help if you or a friend need it.· Plan events to educate the school community and to debunk stereotypes about LGBTQ individuals and issues.· Empower young people to become leaders and role models within their school community.· Have fun!    

Jazz Band                             Mrs.Morrill                 Wednesdays    2:30-4:00         Band Room236          
Jazz band is open to all students that are interested in performing jazz, Latin, funk, swing and more! This ensemble will rehearse Wednesdays and will perform for both the Winter and Spring concerts at Hale. No audition required.

Ruler And Calculator.pngMath Club             Mr. Melbourne           Tuesdays         2:20-3:20         Room 308       
Do you like working with numbers, solving equations and unraveling logic problems? Whether you are interested in fast-paced competition with peers, or relaxed projects exploring the math in the world around you, Math Club is the place for you.We complete challenges from the National Math Club while also preparing for a regional MATHCOUNTS competition as well as the online Purple Comet math competition.     
Math Club Permission Slip

model u nModel United Nations    Mr. Keaveney              Monday           7:15 AM          Room 304      
The Hale Middle School Model United Nations Club meets to plan for the two annual Middle School Model United Nations conferences held at Northeastern University and Bentley College. Each year the conference topics change but they focus on major international issues that are being debated in the United Nations. Model U.N. students choose countries to represent. They then research that country and its position on a specific issue at the conference. At the Model U.N. Conference, students then try to solve their issue from the perspective of their country by debating with fellow delegates and writing resolutions. The conferences are held on two Saturdays, one in mid-November and the second in late February or early March. This is a wonderful program and all students who have any interest in international affairs and/or debate should join. All students are welcome at any time during the year.                                                                                 

Model UN Website    


                   MIDDLE SCHOOL MOCK TRIAL It’s never too early to learn the law!

Click on the link above for more in for or on the link below REGISTER SYMBOL to register your student for MOCK TRIAL Respectfully, Laura Dwyer (Mock Trial Coach) Steve Sack (Mock Trial Attorney Coach)

hawk talkNewspaper                Mrs. Pettis           Tuesdays         2:20-3:20         Room 201       
Hawk Talk is a student run newspaper that meets weekly and is published each trimester. The newspaper focuses on Hale Middle School events and other student interests. The columns include interviews, comics, and much more! Students have the opportunity to flex their creative muscles and to put their stamp on the HMS community!

Newspaper Club Hawk Talk Permission Slip

 fllRobotics Club  FLL      Mr. Melbourne    Wednesdays    2:20-3:20         Room 308

(First Lego League Club) : open to 6, 7 and 8th graders
In First Lego League Robotics students will research and solve real-world problems in areas like wildlife protection or water conservation. In addition, students will also work as a team to design and build a robot using Lego MINDSTORMS to complete missions in a regional competition.  
First Lego League Permission Slip        

rock climbRock Climbing Club             Ms. Guillemette          Wednesday     2:15-3:30         Gym

                                                                              Mrs. Brannen
Begins October 4th
Climbing takes place in the Hale Gymnasium after school in the fall and spring. We take a break during Basketball season. This is a drop-in club. You may attend whenever it fits into your schedule.  See the Rock Climbing Website for information and permission slip              Rock Climbing Club Website 

ssSchool Store Club                    TBD                                   Tu/Th               7:15-7:45       The School Store is NOW HIRING employees for this school year. Employee will be trained in departmentalizing, inventory, and ordering merchandise. They will also learn how to operate a cash register, a valuable skill for a future job in high school. Employees receive prior knowledge of sales and a minimum of 10% off all merchandise. If you like shopping or spending money, this club may be for you. Tuesdays and Thursdays, student employees would be welcome to come in at 7:15-7:30 to set up the store, or even right off the bus. Store hours are 7:30-7:45 every Tuesday and Thursday
School Store Club Permission Slip
Check out the website for available items and more.

 softballSoftball       Mr. McMahon       Mon-Thurs      2:30-4:00         Center school field                          
smSpring Musical           Mrs. LaPointe   TBD 2:15-Varies      Auditorum

                                                       Mrs. Morrill
Nov- March                       

scStudent Council      Mr. Keaveney    Tuesday           7:15 AM-7:35 AM       Room 304   

                                                                                               Thursday         7:00 AM-7:35 AM      

vcVideo Production Club    Mrs. Harvey                Thursday         2:20-3:00         Computer Lab 
Students will work together to produce videos for a school YouTube channel.  They will use iPads and computers to film and edit.  Greenscreen work will be done.  One goal will be to produce weekly news and announcements which teachers will be able to play during homeroom.  Students will have the opportunity to explore new technology and infuse productions with their own personalities and charisma.  
Video Production Club Permission Slip                   Our Youtube Channel

What Day Works Best for YOU?  Take the POLL

Sport.pngVolleyball      Mrs. Marino/Mrs. Pettis         TBD


ybYearbook                             Mrs. Styles                  Wednesdays    2:30-3:30         Computer Lab 
The first meeting will be on Oct. 4th at 2:15, in room 204 

The Yearbook Club has the primary goal of publishing a chronicle of the Hale 2017 -2018 school year. Through respectful collaboration and cooperation, members of the club will design, produce, and distribute the Hale Middle School Yearbook. A preliminary meeting will be held to clarify potential club members’ questions and concerns.