Hale Sports

Athletic Handbook: You can find the NRSD Middle School Athletic Handbook HERE

Eligibility: Athletics is a fine way for students to become involved in their school community, but it’s critical that students don’t let any extracurricular activity negatively impact their academic performance.  In order to try out and participate in the spring sports program, students must meet the following academic expectations:

  • Students must have a grade average of 70% or better on the Trimester II report card in the core academic subjects AND/OR students must have a grade average of at least 70% or better in their core academic subjects at the time of tryouts.  

  • Students must maintain a grade average of 70% (as described above) throughout the duration of the season.

  • A grade check-in will take place at the mid-point of the season.

  • At mid-season, students who have a grade average below 70% in any of the core academic subjects may remain eligible to remain on the team with a contract.

  • Note: Students may practice with the team under a contract but may not play in games until the average meets 70%

  • Contract elements should include a concrete plan on the part of the student to ensure his/her commitment to academic progress and improvement of his/her trimester grade average.

  • Coaches for each sport are expected to share the guidelines above with students prior to tryouts.

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