6th Grade Update

In science students are wrapping up moon phases, eclipses and tides this week. We learned about the different types of tides as well as different areas of the world that can have very unique tides, such as the Bay of Fundy. We investigated this further by graphing the cyclical pattern of the high and low tides at the Bay of Fundy!

In social studies, we have just wrapped up our Migration Destination research project, and are starting our “M.A.D. Mini-project”, which takes us from the Paleolithic Era to the Neolithic Era.   Students will research an aspect of either metallurgy, agriculture, or the domestication of animals in terms of how these advancements made humans move from nomadic life to settled civilizations.

In ELA we are continuing our exploration of story elements, with a current focus on the genre of horror and mood.  We are making great strides with our language review, being resourceful, and taking opportunities to reflect upon and revise mistakes which leads to deeper understanding.

In Plus, students have discovered their individual learning styles and identified strategies that will best suit them with their work completion, studying, and test-taking. We are off to an enthusiastic start as we begin our Executive Functioning  Unit. We will spend the new few weeks enhancing these skills to help us manage the new challenges of middle school!

In math we continue the Story of Ratios and are applying the strategies we learned to solve ratio problems, such as ratio tables, double number lines, and tape diagrams to rate problems. We will be finding unit rates to determine the “better buy”, so bring your child to the store and count on his/her expert advice!