7th Grade Update

In math, we are finishing up our first module of the year (Ratios and Proportional Relationships), which we will extend to deepen our understanding of rational numbers -- both positive and negative -- in the next module.

In science we are analyzing graphs of animal interactions. Next week we will examine how non-native species can disrupt an ecosystem.

In ELA students have just completed their first major writing piece of the year, an analytical paragraph about Roald Dahl’s story “The Landlady”.  We will be wrapping up our short story unit next week, and students will create video book talks discussing their independent reading books. After, that we are on to narrative writing!

In Social Studies, we are preparing to travel through South America.  Students are researching places they would like to visit, writing about them and creating a slide presentation that will amaze their classmates.

In Digital Literacy students have been exploring various approaches to graphic design. Using Google Drawings, they have been creating digital mosaics of humans and animals, as well as self-portraits.  They have also been learning techniques to create corporate logos, infographics, genealogical charts of their family trees, and travel destination posters.