8th Grade Update

In Social Studies, now that various ways to govern have been explored in the "Great Thinkers" simulation, 8th graders are reviewing the events in history that impacted the development of our political system.  From the Magna Carta through the Second Continental Congress, students will analyze the events that led us to declare our independence from Great Britain. Following this, students will explore the Declaration of Independence as one of the signers and then they will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation. 

In Spanish, the students just took their first Chapter Test. We are moving into basic grammar and soon enough, they will be able to describe themselves as well as other people, things, and places. Students will also be learning about Day of the Dead as it is approaching shortly!

English Language Arts finds students reading George Orwell's Animal Farm. They are comparing its developments to the historical events it is depicting, and learning that sharing isn't always caring. 

In Math it's all about towing the line this month - the graph of a linear function, that is. Students will be learning to work with the equations and graphs of lines using slope-intercept form.  In Algebra, students are participating in an independently-paced unit called Equation Ninja Warrior. They complete "workouts" with increasingly complex linear equations and inequalities.

In science, Mrs. Marino's students will be starting a project on selective breeding next week in which they will need to research an organism that is being bred for specific traits. They will focus on why this is being done, along with identifying the potential risks (to the animal and to humans) this might cause. After the project, we will be wrapping up the Genetics unit by talking about GMO's and the actual technique behind it.  Students will be asked to weigh the risks and benefits of this type of breeding and modifying of organisms.