RAS Update

In Health, sixth grade students are learning about the dangers of smoking and vaping, and will be creating Public Service Announcements about the issue. Seventh grade students are beginning their Mental Health Unit; learning about and understanding a number of common mental health challenges. Eighth grade students are finishing up their Infectious Disease Unit and will be beginning their Stress Management Unit.

In Art, 6th grade students are starting their Pop Art paper mache sculptures. If you have any newspapers around the house, please feel free to donate them for this project! In 7th grade art, students have been diligently working on their color wheels and learning how to mix tints and shades of secondary and tertiary colors. The 8th graders are currently reviewing the elements of art before learning how artists use these elements in combination with principles of art to create abstract compositions to a song of their choice.

In Physical Education all grades are beginning field hockey starting with the basic skills and eventually moving onto small sided game play. After field hockey we will be moving onto flag football to close out the outdoor invasion game unit and to prepare grades 7 and 8 students for the thanksgiving flag football game.

In band, all grade levels are working on their repertoire for the winter concert. In 6th grade general music, students are learning about rhythm and ostinatos in music as well as creating their own; 7th grade general music students are finishing up their unit on Broadway and musical theater; 8th grade general music students are studying pop music of the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s.

In Engineering, Sixth graders just finished their Mag-Lev Cars and are now moving on to bridge design. Seventh grade students completed the building of their skimmer cars and now will draw them using Autodesk Inventor. Eighth graders successfully launched their water rockets and now are completing several build requests made by other departments.