Hale School News January 2020

Grade/Team Updates:

Grade 6:

     Happy New Year! We are continuing to forge through our Number Sense standards in Math. 6th Graders will be applying concepts involving multiples and factors to solve problems with repeated cycles or equal distributions among groups. We will then quickly transition to Rational Numbers and Integers on a number line.
     In ELA, we are about to end our journey with Winnie and her beloved Tucks in Tuck Everlasting. We are digging deeper into our knowledge of story elements and figurative language. After we bid farewell to our immortal friends, we will go back in time and explore historical fiction. This will be a student choice of novel unit with continued practice of building our skills.
     In Science, we are wrapping up measuring matter - mass, volume, and density. Students compared liquids with different densities and created a colorful Density Tower. We are introducing our next unity of Plate Tectonics.
     In Plus, students are imagining that they are studying abroad! They have used their executive functioning skills to plan a pretend trip to study their favorite subject abroad in their dream location. Students searched for a job to earn enough money to pay for their program. Next, students will be creating SMART goals to add to their passports. They will create goals around the specific executive functioning skills they wish to grow. We will be tracking our progress towards these goals for the rest of the school year!
      In social studies, we have started our journey into Ancient Egypt. Students are researching a famous pharaoh and will be presenting him/her to the class in a creative way.

Grade 7:

     In math we have moved into the third module of the year, focusing on algebraic expressions and equations. Students write, evaluate and combine like terms in expressions, building up the skills needed to solve one-step equations and inequalities.
     In ELA we have begun to read "The Diary of Anne Frank" play. Students have been learning how to analyze the historical context of the text and will be using this work to build upon their ability to develop a deep understanding of characters and their relationships. Reading time will be split between class and home, but students will be expected to read and take notes on post-its multiple nights each week as the unit progresses.
     In Social Studies students are working their way through Europe. We have also discussed the Holocaust and the use of propaganda to prepare them for reading The Diary of Anne Frank, in ELA. I will also be holding a Geography Bee in my classroom next Wednesday, January 15th from 2:30-3:30 for any 6th, 7th or 8th grader who would like to participate. I have permission forms that need to be signed.
     In Digital Literacy class, students have been exploring the lives of a technology pioneer who created the hi-tech information age we live in, such as Nikola Tesla, creator of countless inventions, Ada Lovelace, the world’s first computer programmer, Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the World Wide Web, and Hedy Lamarr, movie star of the 1940’s who paved the way for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Using Pixlr photo editing and Google Presentations, students are creating short biographical animated movies that portray contributions of one of these pioneers. Later in the month, students will utilize Google Sites to design and launch their own web pages to showcase their amazing projects from their various classes.
     In science, we are wrapping up our unit on the cycling of matter and energy in ecosystems. Students will have a unit test and then start preparing for a mid-year exam which is scheduled for January 24th. After the mid-year exam, we will move on to our study of human body systems.

Grade 8:

     English Language Arts finds students working to create better sentences, using clauses, phrases and other techniques. They've learned Writer's Craft moves, and are integrating those into writing about a topic of their choice. They will next tackle poetry.
      In Spanish, students are mastering new vocabulary each week. On top of that, they are learning how to conjugate regular -AR, -ER, and -IR verbs. Both math classes have done a great job of picking up where they left off in the last decade, tying up loose ends in their units of study.
     Math 8 students have become experts at solving equations with many steps, using them to model real-life scenarios. Algebra I students are in the middle of the Linear Function trilogy, as they learn about slope-intercept form, point-slope form, and standard form of the equation of a line. Once the current units are wrapped up, all students will become (m)athletes in the Math Winter Olympics, earning medals as they demonstrate prowess in new math skills.
     In Science, students are analyzing data about carbon dioxide, fossil fuels and global temperature to examine how the world's climate has changed. We will be starting our unit on Chemistry next week. Students will learn about the Law of Conservation of Mass and apply what they have learned to the Carbon cycle and climate change.
     In Social Studies, students have finished the Constitutional simulation, studied ratification, explored a few of the Federalist Papers, and have indexed the Constitution. Following this, students will review the Bill of Rights as well as the remaining 17 Amendments and prepare for four Supreme Court cases that deal with student rights and flag burning.


     In Engineering, 6th graders are finishing their individual sides of their bridges. Next, we will attach the partner sides, then test them to see how much weight they can hold. 7th graders completed their Safety Test and will now be working with power tools to construct a CO2 Race Car. 8th graders are currently constructing a Hydraulic Arm designed to move a ball from a stand to a cup.
     In Health, 6th grade students have been focusing on Advertising Techniques and recognizing how these ads influence their decision making. 7th grade students have been concentrating on Substance Abuse and the dangers of vaping products, completing a “Wanted Poster” detailing the dangers of specific drugs. 8th grade students are enjoying a mini-unit about the Importance of Sleep which allows them to explore several different methods to achieve a restful slumber!
     In PE, Grade 6 students are finishing up with the cooperative games unit with 4 way capture the flag and a team assessment on their cooperative skills performance during the activity to help develop reflective strategies. Grade 7 students are doing their final fitness and games lesson before moving onto volleyball. Grade 8 students are calculating their various target heart rate zones and tracking the zones they are able to reach during their self created High Intensity Interval training workout. Next they will begin with volleyball.
     In band, students are preparing for their Winter Concert on Wednesday, January 15th. In 6th grade general music, students are composing pieces for bucket drums; 7th grade general music is learning an introduction to piano; 8th grade general music students are learning how to play “Eleanor Rigby” by The Beatles on guitar. In 6th grade art students are finishing up their pop art sculptures and will be starting an observational drawing unit next. 7th grade art students are making paintings in the style of Impressionism, by applying their previously learned skills of mixing tints and shades with their newly learned painting techniques. 8th graders are finishing their drawing to music unit and will be starting portraits soon.