Mission and Vision

Core Values

Community is our most basic value.  All Hale students, staff and parents must work together as one to provide the safe, respectful, positive environment needed for our students to learn to their fullest potential and become responsible, contributing citizens of our school community and the greater society in which they live. 

Respect - Have respect for yourself, each other and your environment.  

Inclusiveness - Understand the value of differences within our community and appreciate each unique individual. 

Responsibility - Own your decisions and actions with integrity, and recognize the impact they have on others. 

Engagement - Play an active role in the learning process, setting positive examples for others. 


Mission Statement

Recognizing the diverse needs and uniqueness of the early adolescent, Hale Middle School provides our students with authentic, creative learning opportunities that meet each student's physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs, allowing them to maximize their potential, and preparing them to be successful in future education. Through a climate of respect and inclusiveness, curricula that go beyond the traditional academic offerings, effective communication between all members of the school community, and the use of cutting edge educational techniques, we strive to educate the whole child. Our success will result in mature, independent, confident learners, who have the tools necessary for success in their further education as well as in their roles as productive members of their community.