Parent Info and School Forms

otice to Parents of 8th Grade Students

  • For Minuteman HS: Want more info? Call 781-861-6500 x245, or visit Minuteman HS Website

  • If your child will be attending a school OTHER than Nashoba Regional High School for 9th grade, please notify the principal in writing as soon as possible, providing us with an address for the new school, so that we can forward to them your student's files - Thank you!! 

District Vacation Policy

The Nashoba Regional School District adheres to, and is in full compliance with, Chapter 76 of the Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that defines attendance regulations. Except in cases of illness and extenuating circumstances, students are expected to be present when school is in session. Family vacations and trips which are scheduled when school is in session are not considered valid reasons for absence.

While teachers will allow students to make up missed assignments, tests and quizzes, they are not required to prepare work in advance for a vacation related absence. In addition, teachers are not required tore-teach or tutor students when they return from a vacation. It is the student's responsibility to determine the work that needs to be done when he or she returns to school.  

Student Records

Types and Locations

The school must provide, upon request, a complete list of the types and locations of education records collected, maintained, or used by the school district. In Stow, each student has a cumulative record maintained at Hale Middle School which may contain: a log (for use in monitoring discrimination of any part of the record); report cards and conference preparation forms from Hale Middle School; academic and medical information forwarded from previous schools; standardized test scores; a registration form; an emergency information; records of formal disciplinary action.

• Health records are maintained in the nurse's office

• Complete (official) Special Education records are maintained at the central office.

Right to Review

Parents or guardians are permitted to review education records that have been collected and maintained by the school district, which pertain to their children. Such review is granted within two consecutive days of the request, unless the parent and school personnel agree upon a longer period of time.

Requests for Access

Requests for access to the regular education records maintained in the school building are made to the principal or guidance counselor. Requests for access to the complete special education records,maintained at the central office, are made to the Director of Pupil Personnel Services or the building Special Education Chairperson. Advanced notice is expected.

Parents may also request that the records be interpreted for them; that copies, at a nominal cost, be made of material within a record; and that a representative of the parent review and inspect the record. In the latter case, written release of the record to the representative is to be provided by the parent. Forms are available in the office.

The school district will inform parents and students when information collected, maintained or used by the district is no longer needed for the purpose of providing educational services and is to be destroyed.

Child Find and Section 504

Nashoba Regional School District is required under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act to conduct a child find of students who have a qualifying disability or who are suspected of having a qualifying disability that would make them eligible for accommodations and /or services as prescribed by Section 504 and determined appropriate by a “504” team at your child’s school.